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Principal's Message


The Book of Learning in The Book of Rites says, “Only after studying do I know my inadequacy; I only know the confusion of my own knowledge after teaching” These two sentences can sum up my expectations for the students and teachers of Wong Wha San Secondary School.


In the very long secondary school life, if students can study seriously and reflect on themselves from time to time, they will often feel “inadequate”. Making up for inadequacy, seeking breakthroughs, facing difficulties, and solving problems, these steps constitute the process of getting better in life. If students can feel “inadequate” from time to time and find ways to improve themselves, their studies and life will become more and more fulfilling.


Teachers’ teaching is the same. Teachers are confused in the teaching process, so they review the teaching plans and strategies, and design a more effective learning plan for the students. From this perspective, the progress of the students is also the progress of the teachers.


Every teacher and every student is a pearl, and together, they are the treasures of Wong Wha San Secondary School. The principal is a small candle in this treasure. He strives to make every pearl shine and make the school shine!


Principal YAU Siu Hung


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